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Intergenerational Approach

The individualism, solo-entrepreneuriship, and even the nuclear family, we are finding, are unsustainable as an economic, social/emotional, or spiritual model moving forward.

Community as
an extension of Family

At Highland Lake Cove, we welcome generations to mingle, share ideas, tell their stories and communicate their dreams.


Let’s get to know one another and form intergenerational communities and relationships.


We need one another.

If there's one thing that we know we need after the last few years of forced isolation, it's a sense of belonging. 


We simply need one another, and we know that we also need authenticity, true nourishment, and connection. 


We strive to provide opportunities for that. 

Investments in the
next generations

Kerry Lindsey has ideas about investing in what matters. Would you like to talk to him about investing in an alternative community, the younger generations, or some good people with good ideas who need cash flow to create new solutions? 

Send him an email directly with "Investment" in the subject line.

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