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The Sanctuary in the Pines


We invite you to utilize our Sanctuary space to create a transformative experience for your retreat or group. 

You will return to the outer world having reconnected to what matters most within you.

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  • The Sanctuary is a gorgeous timber-framed meeting space that seats up to 75 guests.  With a beautiful cathedral ceiling, hardwood floors, palladian windows and a covered porch overlooking the gardens, it is a beautiful private space for ceremonies and retreat gatherings. 

  • From its quiet corner overlooking the gardens, guests can take in the expansive grounds from a trail system that begins off the porch.

  • For meals, the dining area downstairs can seat 60 people.  The kitchen is well equipped for groups who prefer to create their own meals, or easy to service by our in-house catering staff.


The Sanctuary was built by a dedicated community of practice who had been meditating and studying  together for over twenty years. The act of building the space together was an extension of that practice, and the structure still exudes that quiet energy. 


When giving tours, its often the first thing people notice, and point to in their comments. 

Afterwards we'd hear how supportive the space itself had been for the work the group had come to do.


What we've discovered from these experiences, is that ultimately any place... created with the right practices and intention.... can partner with us to create a deeper sense of belonging and connection in our built environment.  (You can feel that here.)  We think its what famed architect Christopher Alexander in his book A Pattern Language used to refer to as, "The Quality without a Name."

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