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In the center of the cove, you’ll find our community garden, the beautiful blend of agriculture and environment.

The garden teaches us how everything works. Gardening as a metaphor.


We start with the life in the soil as a metaphor for community. 


You can see and feel every level of it as you increase in sensitivity to what is important.  When you have a relationship to this, your food begins to taste and feel different, the meals are different, the conversations around the table are different.

We want to increase community from the soil to who gathers around the table. 



Food and flowers are harvested almost year round thanks to our new high tunnel. 


Vegetables move from the garden into event menu recipes or into the outdoor kitchen for a group of local children here on a field trip - or into our kitchen! 

There are nearly two acres total in production, growing food and flowers, with room to expand. Our flower collection is a favorite of locals! 

We want to invite you
to our garden.

We hope you’ll come to enjoy one of our garden events! 


Community work days, Generations Over Dinner, Farm to Table events, and more!  where you may be the one picking the vegetables for the community dinner. Or if you want to come and pick up a garden hoe and spend some time in the dirt, you are welcome here!

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