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Our Vision

We want to see a world with an emergence of growing networks of regenerative communities and systems arising to replace the more extractive models of the current paradigm.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Highland Lake Cove is to create a place that is as regenerative as it can be within its ecosystem, and to share what we learn by creating working models of our systems that are both replicable and scalable.

Love for animals

At the  personal level it's all about healing the disconnect... at the business level we want to see the move from an extractive to a viable regenerative economy, and at the community level we are participating in this community and economy in a more decentralized way while connected to what matters.  We come together in the determination to find the tools and way forward, with a willingness to be challenged and grow as individuals in community, with the connection to Source and a higher power.

The outcome that inspires us is the creation of ongoing programs that can share what we create here as the core of an educational resource for folks that are committed to being part of the solution.

What creates a real place?

When the vision for the surrounding neighborhoods began to take shape in 1998, Kerry’s slogan was “Real places: creating a town that works.”

  • Real food - Connection to the environment that grows the food, the gardening process, and the harvesting and preparation of the food 

  • Purpose - Creating deeper meaning and the opportunity for real connection

  • Real People - Authentic people, questing for the best life, and bringing their passions and purpose to their life’s work

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