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Maker's Collective

You wouldn’t be here right now if you weren’t essential for these times. 

A new game

We believe that each person, in their truest and most authentic nature, plays an integral role in creating the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. Modern society told you to play a role in what we now know is an outdated game, where only a few win and the majority lose. We believe in a regenerative and collaborative future. And we believe the solutions are within each of us, and that together, we can develop something new. 

We are playing a new game.  


Meet Kerry Lindsey. After fifty years in entrepreneurship and family business, and decades studying environmental stewardship, interconnectedness, spirituality, economics, and regenerative living, Kerry is proposing Game We - in real life!


 Interactive Teaching & Learning Community

This community is intentional, yes, but it’s built on two key things many intentional communities may not be: thriving economic sustainability & personal growth. 

We are a community first, building a viable economic system based on 8 internal businesses that generate jobs, diverse types of capital, successful entrepreneurship, educational opportunities, and regenerative energetics.

  • Do you have a contribution to make? Do you want to learn? 

  • We are bringing together teachers, entrepreneurs, interns, builders, innovators, and more. 

  • Game We promotes collaborative problem solving and trusts that the right people show up at the table. As Kerry says, just like making a meal from what’s available in the garden, we are building an economically regenerative community with who shows up and the gifts they contribute. 

Ways to play

  • Come to an event and start a conversation

  • Look at our job postings page for paid opportunities

  • Come to intern to learn a trade in one of our existing markets: farm to table, construction, hospitality, metal working, gardening

  • Talk to us about getting your events on our community calendar

  • Host your next retreat with us

  • Come to be a guest teacher 

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

– Albert Einstein

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How do we make it work?
Integration & evolution as a way of life.

  • Nature as teacher: We honorably look to the ecosystem for guidance and models of regenerative health.

  • Consciousness: We are a community of seekers, intending to evolve our ideas of what is possible.

  • Self awareness: Using tools such as the Enneagram, Human Design, and introspection, we seek to know ourselves closely.Belonging: We desire to create the experience of community and interconnectedness among members in our community

  • Wholeness: We seek to incorporate personal work, purpose, relationships, and place in all decisions. 

  • On & off the mat: We take what occurs in meditation and contemplative practices back out into the world in everything we do.

  • Beyond the analytical mind: We incorporate somatics, embodiment, masculine / feminine energetics, breathwork, and more into the way we live. 

  • Higher level thinking: We are spiritual but not necessarily religious. We seek to acknowledge the sacred in all things. 

Regenerative Potentiality

  • We could talk all day about the long list of problems in the world, but what we would rather talk about is the potential for greater belonging, deeper community, regenerative economics, interconnectivity, relatedness, what happens when multiple generations sit down at the same table and talk about what matters to them. 

  • What happens when dreamers come together and form a community based in sound economics, entrepreneurship, and spiritual awareness? 

  • Enter… Potentiality - a core tenet of the regenerative movement. We believe in the potential of new consciousness and beginning to create what we intuit will work, and then continuing to put energy behind that which shows emerging potential. We trust the emergent process will guide the right next steps when we are present to who & what is showing up.


We understand how we can be an agent and instrument of evolution as opposed to degeneration.

– Pamela Mang, Regenesis Group


Localized Economics & Meaningful Work

The hyper-individualistic thinking that fueled major successes in science and business in the past will not sustain us in this next big leap. We now need collaboration and meaningful work, in an economic model that can sustain us. 

Kerry has a term he calls “Intrapreneurship.” It’s a combination between “interbeing” and “entrepreneurship.”

  • You can bring your bright ideas forward to help change this world, but you don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

  • We believe that we are stronger together and we are creating a true community full of conscious people devoted to spiritual awareness and personal evolution.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller 

Want to play??

See current event offerings

Sometimes we are hiring for a specific position, and sometimes the perfect person walks in the door. If you feel the intuition to reach out, please connect with us.

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