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The Highland Lake Cove Team

We are pleased to meet you!


Kerry Lindsey

Steward, Founder & Visionary

Kerry is the founder of Real Places Inc & and Highland Lake Cove LLC. His passions are cooking from the garden, place-making, and helping to birth regenerative businesses. He is the host of Conversations in the Key of We and believes that the key to solving the problems we face today is learning to collectively access higher levels of thinking.

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"Maddie" Madison McCann, M.S.

Farm Manager

Maddie had a childhood filled with squash blossoms and fresh pesto, and a heart’s curiosity that led her to receive a B.S in Biology and a M.S. in Environmental Science. Maddie is passionate about the communication between science and art that growing food allows, bringing this passion into the Highland Lake gardens every season. Come munch on some raw okra and pick some flowers with Maddie!

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Laurie Worthy

Gardens & Hospitality

Graduate, Summa Cum Laude with credentials as a Professional Culinarian and Professional Baker. Over 25 year’s of hands on experience in catering, private chef clientele and prepared meal delivery service. I LOVE providing sustenance that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.  I am joyously looking forward to sharing my love of Highland Lake Cove and my experience in the farm to table initiatives we are creating. I can’t wait to see you at our table.

Amelia & Kip Lindsey

Dining & Events

Kip & Amelia started Budy Finch catering in 2014 to provide beautiful high-end catering with a focus on local and comfort foods. This husband and wife duo each have over twenty years experience in esteemed restaurants. Kip & Amelia provide food service for all of the weddings, retreats, and dining events held at Highland Lake Cove. When you contact us about renting space here, we will connect you with Budy Finch, or, you are welcome to reach out to them directly at any time for your catering needs. 

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Marika Lapham

Rentals, Bookkeeping, & Catering

Marika is one of a kind and we couldn't do this without her! Marika sees the details that others would miss and is a crucial part of our facilities management team. 


Steve Collins

Real Places Lead Builder 

Chop Wood – Carry Water…..Steve's 23 years here on campus has primarily been focused on all aspects of the real estate thread.  Steve's background includes stints in global consumer products development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.  Steve says that, personally, raising a family here has meant all the difference.  He looks forward to seeing you here at Highland Lake!

Sage Sansone

Spiritual Guidance

Sage Sansone is an Intuitive Guide, Tarot Reader, Coach and Mystic Arts Teacher who offers grounded guidance, focused on helping people heal, thrive and live a more balanced and creative life.  She has been a full time professional for over 15 years, offers individual intuitive sessions, coaching, classes, workshops, training programs and retreats. Sage deeply believes in the power of our creativity for healing, and incorporates artistic expression into her work.

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