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The new "Norm"

One of my favorite sitcoms growing up was Cheers.  A truly memorable meme from the series was the heartwarming response from all the regulars… each day when Norm walked in. 


Imagine the feelings on either side of that experience.  How does that make us feel?


So if we mutually long for that so much… why isn't that level of community more of the norm for all of us?   


Well we've been asking that question here for quite a while.  It’s literally a design component in every project that been created here... and Treska's will be no different.


While the average take on a pub is that it sells drinks, and snacks,  its true function and contribution to the community is helping people make and cultivate new friends. 


So given that... what if we created a menu of events with that underlying mission?


Our Garden Coffee Social was designed to be the appetizer for such a menu, and we've got some additional "entrée” level experientials to roll out in May.


If this sparks some ideas for you, please join me at the New Friends table at the Garden Coffee Social this Tuesday, and lets talk about it.  The coffee, and the new friends will be free.




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