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Farm to Table

Building Community Around the Table

Our family has always had a passion for cooking and gardening.  “Freshness” for us was measured in minutes… not days, and played a large part in the launch and success of the first restaurant here (which is still going strong for more than 30 years).  


We’ll set you a place at the table.


Not your average dinner conversation.

We know something special happens when we come together around good food. 

We like to pair that with meaningful conversation. 

At our Farm to Table events, you can expect to meet new people, building community and cultivating the kinds of conversations we are all longing to have. 

We would love to share this with you.

We see that very special things happen when people come to this land. 

We are building our public events calendar to fill your belly, support the soul, and change the world - one gathering at a time.  

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